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2018-11-23 Peter PalfraderHow one identifies is not relevant to their work in...
2012-07-28 Tollef Fog Heens/looses/loses/
2009-07-15 Stephen GranAn example constraint overlay
2008-06-23 Peter PalfraderAdd userdir-ldap-slapd.conf, a snipped to be included...
2008-05-25 Peter Palfraderadd "security simple_bind=128" to sample slapd.conf.
2008-05-23 Peter Palfradermerge from alioth: Document how to use unique overlay...
2008-05-18 Stephen GranUse new style syntax for unique overlay
2008-05-18 Stephen GranDocument how to use unique overlay for uid and keyFinge...
2008-01-10 Peter PalfraderMerge packaging cleanup from alioth (including template...
2008-01-10 Peter PalfraderMerge from alioth: note about more modern slapd configs
2008-01-07 Stephen Gran* Packaging cleanup
2007-12-28 Joerg JaspertMerged from debian branch
2007-12-27 Marc 'HE' BrockschmidtSync with -common tree again
2007-12-26 Marc 'HE' BrockschmidtMerge passwordless export fix
2007-12-26 Mark Hymersadd note about more modern slapd configs
2007-12-26 Peter Palfraderupdate doc/slapd-config.txt
2007-12-26 Mark HymerslabeledURL was removed from the schema but not the...
2004-11-18 joeyMoved into userdir-ldap-cgi
2000-08-14 jggHourly stamp
2000-05-02 jggSupport for no/all keyrings
2000-04-30 jggDoc update
2000-04-30 jggFixes for James
2000-04-30 jggDoc update
2000-01-09 jggClearer error messages
1999-12-13 jggSpeeling fixes
1999-11-05 jggLocked accounts
1999-10-20 jggCute dns entries
1999-10-16 jggFinger Server
1999-10-01 jggNew doc
1999-10-01 jggStuff
1999-09-29 jggNew mail gateway and dnszoneentry
1999-09-28 jggDNS Stuff
1999-09-25 jggUpdated docs
1999-09-25 jggDoc update
1999-09-25 jggAdded host ACL
1999-09-23 jggFixes
1999-09-23 jggFixes
1999-09-22 jggxearth anonomizer
1999-09-22 jggInitial import