descriptionMirror of Debian's userdir-ldap repository
ownerAdam D. Barratt
last changeTue, 8 Oct 2019 18:09:12 +0000 (20:09 +0200)
2019-10-08 Julien Cristauud-mailgate: remove exception for m√ľ master
2019-10-08 Julien Cristauud-mailgate: block punycode DNS entries
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Write uid to file too
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Add missing .cgi to message
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Send out web link to totp seed fetcher instead of the...
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Remove alioth from sample config
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Restrict access to totpSeed
2019-05-16 Peter Palfraderfix ipv6 parsing. We would not properly handle empty...
2019-04-06 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'jrtc27/master'
2019-04-06 James Clarkeud-mailgate: Assign value before check and drop semicolon
2019-04-06 Peter PalfraderDoArbChange: actually initialize value
2019-04-06 Peter PalfraderMake arbitrary attribute change work again
2019-02-10 Julien CristauAnd yet another ud-mailgate typo. userdir-ldap-0.3.96
2019-02-10 Julien CristauAdd changelog entry userdir-ldap-0.3.95
2019-02-10 Julien CristauFix typos
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Release 0.3.94 userdir-ldap-0.3.94
2 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.96 Release 0.3.96 of userdir-ldap
2 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.95 Release 0.3.95 of userdir-ldap
2 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.94 release
2 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.93 Release 0.3.93 of userdir-ldap
4 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.89 release
4 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.88
6 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.85
9 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.79
10 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.78
10 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.77
11 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.76
11 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.75
11 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.74
11 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.73
11 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.72
11 years ago userdir-ldap-0.3.71
16 months ago salsa
16 months ago fordsa
18 months ago master