2019-10-08 Julien Cristauud-mailgate: remove exception for münchen.debian.net master
2019-10-08 Julien Cristauud-mailgate: block punycode DNS entries
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Write uid to file too
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Add missing .cgi to message
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Send out web link to totp seed fetcher instead of the...
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Remove alioth from sample config
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Restrict access to totpSeed
2019-05-16 Peter Palfraderfix ipv6 parsing. We would not properly handle empty...
2019-04-06 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'jrtc27/master'
2019-04-06 James Clarkeud-mailgate: Assign value before check and drop semicolon
2019-04-06 Peter PalfraderDoArbChange: actually initialize value
2019-04-06 Peter PalfraderMake arbitrary attribute change work again
2019-02-10 Julien CristauAnd yet another ud-mailgate typo. userdir-ldap-0.3.96
2019-02-10 Julien CristauAdd changelog entry userdir-ldap-0.3.95
2019-02-10 Julien CristauFix typos
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Release 0.3.94 userdir-ldap-0.3.94
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Fix typo in ud-mailgate.
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Release 0.3.93 userdir-ldap-0.3.93
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Update changelog
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Remove .bzrignore, this is no longer in bzr
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... pep8 fix; indents are four, not three
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Fix a whole lot of pep8 errors
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Get rid of semicolons
2018-11-23 Peter PalfraderHow one identifies is not relevant to their work in...
2018-11-15 Peter Palfraderud-replicate: manually remove __db.<foo>.db.t files...
2018-11-15 Peter Palfraderud-replicate: move from lockfile(1) to flock
2018-11-15 Peter Palfraderud-replicate: remove chroot support
2018-10-03 Peter Palfraderminor welcome message updates in the salsa paragraph
2018-10-03 Peter Palfraderfix spacing in changelog
2018-10-03 Peter PalfraderMerge remote-tracking branch 'aerostitch/update_welcome...
2018-10-03 Peter PalfraderA changelog entry for the ud-guest-upgrade change
2018-10-03 Joseph HerlantChange references from alioth to salsa in the DD welcom...
2018-07-24 Peter Palfraderud-guest-upgrade: do not add but replace privateSub...
2018-04-25 Peter PalfraderUDLdap.py: more useful exception if our array assumptio...
2018-04-03 Julien CristauAdd a changelog entry
2018-04-03 Ansgar Burchardtud-mailgate: include name of unknown host in error...
2018-03-01 Peter Palfraderchangelog entry
2018-03-01 Peter Palfraderclean up old/obsolete code that was broken and has...
2018-03-01 Peter PalfraderAlso export a host's SSHFP records to additional dns...
2018-03-01 Peter PalfraderQualify each zone file entry in sshfp with a hostname...
2018-03-01 Peter PalfraderAdd sshfpHostname to schema
2018-03-01 Peter PalfraderDocument sshdistAuthKeysHost
2018-02-05 Tollef Fog... PEP-8-ify a bit
2017-10-26 Julien Cristaurelease 0.3.92
2017-10-26 Julien CristauFix sigcheck pgp/mime processing with gnupg 2
2017-08-30 Héctor Orón... d/changelog: update with later commit
2017-08-30 Héctor Orón... welcome-message-Debian: update SSL certificate authorit...
2017-08-24 Luca Filipozzibump version
2017-08-18 Michael Stapelbergud-mailgate: allow : in TXT record contents
2017-08-12 Tollef Fog... Fix ud-mailgate to handle the SHA256:$fingerprint outpu...
2017-08-08 Tollef Fog... Add support for setting a TOTP seed
2017-08-06 Luca Filipozzigpg2 output differs from gpg1 - fix GPGSearch
2017-06-22 Peter Palfraderud-generate: Create all ssh-gitolite individually
2017-06-18 Peter PalfraderReplace RSA authentication with public-key authenticati...
2017-06-17 Paul WiseSwitch from /org to /srv in default configuration
2017-05-15 Paul WisePrevent guest accounts from using RTC addresses
2017-05-12 Paul WiseDrop removed-keys.gpg, it no longer exists and should...
2017-03-27 Julien Cristaurelease 0.3.89 userdir-ldap-0.3.89
2017-03-27 Julien CristauAdd changelog entry for use_mq patch
2017-03-27 Christoph BergAdd option "use_mq" to allow disabling the use of mq_no...
2017-03-26 Julien CristauFix half-assed switch away from python-support.
2017-03-26 Peter Palfraderprepare next version
2017-03-26 Peter Palfraderrelease userdir-ldap-0.3.88
2017-03-20 Julien CristauUse dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k
2017-03-20 Julien CristauUse dh-python instead of python-support.
2017-03-20 Julien CristauUpdate Uploaders list.
2017-02-08 Peter Palfraderud-useradd: When looking for free UIDs/GIDs, also consi...
2017-01-29 Julien Cristaurelease 0.3.87
2017-01-29 Julien CristauReplace dependency on perl5 with perl.
2016-06-14 Paul WiseTypo
2016-06-14 Paul WiseFix crash in ud-generate
2016-06-13 Paul WiseLook up the default group from the config instead of...
2016-06-13 Paul WiseFix is_guest_account for the usergroups transition
2016-06-13 Paul WiseWe just call the operating system Debian these days
2016-02-05 Peter Palfraderud-generate: get RTC domain/realm from config file
2015-12-19 Paul Wiseries is long gone
2015-11-19 Peter Palfraderud-replicate: use persistent ssh connections
2015-11-19 Peter Palfraderud-replicate: only install/reload RTC files when they...
2015-11-18 Julien CristauPass BatchMode=yes option to ssh
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderAdd ud-guest-extend
2015-11-01 Paul WiseUpdate ud-ldapshow and cleanup cruft around the usergro...
2015-10-30 Peter PalfraderDrop paragraph about getting additional software installed
2015-10-30 Peter PalfraderMake welcome-message and welcome-message-Debian CC...
2015-10-29 Peter Palfraderud-useradd: try to send the proper template
2015-10-29 Peter PalfraderMake generic welcome-message more generic
2015-10-28 Peter Palfraderfix quoting
2015-10-28 Peter Palfraderalso do rtc-passwords for prosody
2015-10-28 Peter PalfraderAdd ud-guest-upgrade
2015-10-28 Peter Palfraderud-useradd: now does usergroups by default
2015-05-23 Peter PalfraderReport key fingerprint when adding ssh keys
2015-05-23 Peter PalfraderDo not mail admin if users try to submit unsupported...
2015-05-23 Peter Palfradersyntax/typo fix
2015-05-23 Peter PalfraderChangelog entry
2015-05-23 Peter PalfraderMerge branch 'raphael'
2015-05-23 Peter PalfraderTry to make key acceptance logic clearer
2015-05-23 Raphael GeissertBump the minimum key size to 2048
2015-05-23 Raphael GeissertAuthorize ed25519 keys, which have a fixed size of...
2015-05-23 Raphael GeissertRecognise ecdsa and ed25519 ssh keys
2015-04-17 Peter Palfraderremove dnsZoneEntry from restricted attributes to match...
2015-04-17 Peter Palfraderuserdir-ldap-slapd.conf.in: Rhonda points out dnsZoneEn...