2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Include accountname in totp url master
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Chomp secret and account name
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Fix typo
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Make sure to not fix up totp permissions
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Pick up account name from file as well
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Fix up HTML a bit
2019-07-26 Tollef Fog... Initial totp-fetch-seed implementation, not complete yet
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Actually create the totp directory too
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Whitespace cleanup
2019-01-03 Peter Palfraderhtml/Makefile: searchform.html also requires domains.tab
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... releasing package userdir-ldap-cgi version 0.3.42 0.3.42 release-0.3.42
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Remove link to HTTPS version, this is all HTTPS now.
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Fix build-breaking typo
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Release 0.3.41 release-0.3.41
2018-11-23 Peter PalfraderHow one identifies is not relevant to their work in...
2018-11-04 Peter PalfraderRemove html/domains.tab from the source as it is autoge...
2018-11-04 Peter PalfraderRelease 0.3.40 release-0.3.40
2018-03-03 Alex MuntadaExplain how to use DNSSEC and SSHFP records
2017-09-18 Martin Zobel... also add debian/changelog entry
2017-09-18 Martin Zobel... Remove link to old CA
2017-08-05 Tollef Fog... Reformat list of dependencies and drop "perl5", which...
2017-08-05 Tollef Fog... New debhelper version installs in debian/$package,...
2017-08-05 Tollef Fog... Add missing Build-Depends for libhtml-parser-perl.
2017-08-05 Tollef Fog... Add debian/compat with level 10.
2017-08-05 Tollef Fog... Use a bit more modern perl in Util.pm, drop defined...
2017-07-24 Adam D. Barrattdoc-mail/wml: fix typo ("MTA" -> "MUA")
2017-07-24 Adam D. Barrattdoc-mail.wml: fix typo ("looses" -> "loses")
2017-04-09 Paul WiseSuggest using TLS when connecting to LDAP directly
2016-04-25 Paul WiseGive an example of the show command
2016-03-09 Paul WiseDrop SSH key fingerprint info from machines.cgi pages
2016-02-18 Raphael GeissertAllow dashes in hostnames for sudo passwords (RT #5785)
2015-11-01 Paul WiseUpdate LDAP search docs for the usergroups changes
2015-06-09 Julien Cristaumachines.cgi: generate fingerprints for ssh-ed25519...
2015-03-30 Paul WiseAdd a hint about how to merge existing SSH keys
2015-02-10 Paul Wiseravel is no longer recommended for general shell usage
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderUpdate .gitignore
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderUpdate copyright year
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderUse $config{sslcafile} instead of hardcoding the path...
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderUse $config{maildomain} in update.cgi instead of hardco...
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderAdd dependency on libcrypt-cbc-perl
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderNew version number
2015-01-03 Peter PalfraderVarious fixes for XSS and bad crypto. No claim to...
2014-12-21 Peter PalfraderUser new CA root cert in Util.pm
2014-12-21 Peter PalfraderFix debian/changelog and release info
2014-11-06 Héctor Orón... machines.cgi: re-add architecture field to list
2014-11-06 Héctor Orón... d/changelog: add entry
2014-11-06 Héctor Orón... machines.cgi: replace architecture field by description...
2014-11-06 Paul WiseUse the correct cert when connecting to the LDAP server
2014-11-06 Paul WiseSlightly nicer attribute list output
2014-11-06 Paul WiseSwitch from http to https links where possible.
2014-11-06 Paul WiseFix typo in doctype
2014-11-06 Paul WiseJoey is no longer involved in the debian-admin team.
2014-11-06 Paul WiseFix the type and location of the VCS repository.
2014-09-21 Peter PalfraderAllow dash (-) in hostnames
2014-03-20 Tollef Fog... Exclude users with accountStatus set from the search.
2014-03-02 Stephen GranRevert "drop overrids - LDAP has it on its own"
2014-02-28 Stephen Grandrop overrids - LDAP has it on its own
2014-01-16 Luca Filipozzifix typo
2014-01-16 Luca FilipozzivoipPassword -> rtcPassword
2014-01-14 Luca Filipozzistore voipPassword as an HA1
2014-01-12 Martin Zobel... add changelog entry
2014-01-12 Martin Zobel... add voippasswords
2013-12-15 Martin Zobel... don't escape authtoken
2013-09-06 Martin Zobel... Revert "XSS bug in db.debian.org"
2013-09-06 Martin Zobel... uri_escape input
2013-09-06 Martin Zobel... add debian/changelog entry for Moritz Naumann
2013-09-06 Moritz NaumannXSS bug in db.debian.org
2013-08-25 Martin Zobel... iso-codes and isoquery are build-depends and not depends
2013-08-25 Martin Zobel... add changelog entry for the typo in update.wml
2013-08-25 Martin Zobel... auto-generate html/domains.tab
2013-08-25 Ramakrishnan... typo: mail default handling incorrectly pointing to...
2013-07-27 Peter PalfraderPoint out users can use non-clearsigned mail, and menti...
2013-05-30 Peter Palfraderdie handler breaks stuff on wheezy
2013-01-23 Luca Filipozzimake dnsZoneEntry description more understandable
2012-12-02 Paul WiseUpdate the documentation to mention txt records in...
2012-11-25 Enrico ZiniLink to SSO documentation in web password update field
2012-06-15 Martin Zobel... and include it
2012-06-15 Martin Zobel... fix layout problems
2012-06-15 Martin Zobel... readd the lost items
2012-06-15 Martin Zobel... move the navbar to all pages
2012-06-15 Martin Zobel... two more pages of documentation
2012-06-15 Martin Zobel... promote documentation on searchform.wml
2012-06-13 Martin Zobel... Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://db.debian.org/git...
2012-06-13 Martin Zobel... some cleanup
2012-06-13 Martin Zobel... use libjs-jquery-tablesorter to sort machines.cgi
2012-06-13 Martin Zobel... restructure
2012-06-10 Peter PalfraderAnd a changelog entry for Nick's change
2012-06-10 Peter PalfraderUse the changes@ address consistently in preference...
2012-03-09 Peter PalfraderTry a different CreateCryptSalt approach
2012-03-09 Martin Zobel... remove code duplication
2012-03-09 Peter PalfraderAlso ignore "-" as words for cracklib
2012-03-09 Peter PalfraderAnd say which password failed its check
2012-03-09 Peter PalfraderSay what web password is good for
2012-03-09 Martin Zobel... Better salt
2012-03-09 Martin Zobel... fix web password generation
2012-03-09 Martin Zobel... unrelease
2012-03-09 Martin Zobel... release 0.3.36 release-0.3.36
2012-03-09 Martin Zobel... use Crypt::PasswdMD5 to create apache passwords
2012-03-08 Martin Zobel... fix code
2012-03-08 Martin Zobel... release release-0.3.35