descriptionMirror of Debian's userdir-ldap-cgi repository
ownerAdam D. Barratt
last changeSat, 27 Jul 2019 00:35:41 +0000 (02:35 +0200)
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Include accountname in totp url master
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Chomp secret and account name
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Fix typo
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Make sure to not fix up totp permissions
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Pick up account name from file as well
2019-07-27 Tollef Fog... Fix up HTML a bit
2019-07-26 Tollef Fog... Initial totp-fetch-seed implementation, not complete yet
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Actually create the totp directory too
2019-07-23 Tollef Fog... Whitespace cleanup
2019-01-03 Peter Palfraderhtml/Makefile: searchform.html also requires
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... releasing package userdir-ldap-cgi version 0.3.42 0.3.42 release-0.3.42
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Remove link to HTTPS version, this is all HTTPS now.
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Fix build-breaking typo
2019-01-02 Tollef Fog... Release 0.3.41 release-0.3.41
2018-11-23 Peter PalfraderHow one identifies is not relevant to their work in...
2018-11-04 Peter PalfraderRemove html/ from the source as it is autoge...
2 years ago release-0.3.42 release
2 years ago 0.3.42 releasing package userdir-ldap...
2 years ago release-0.3.41 release
2 years ago release-0.3.40
9 years ago release-0.3.36
9 years ago release-0.3.35 release
9 years ago release-0.3.34 release 0.3.34
9 years ago release-0.3.33 release 0.3.33
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