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[mirror/userdir-ldap.git] / userdir-ldap.schema
2018-11-23 Peter PalfraderHow one identifies is not relevant to their work in...
2018-03-01 Peter PalfraderAdd sshfpHostname to schema
2018-03-01 Peter PalfraderDocument sshdistAuthKeysHost
2017-08-08 Tollef Fog HeenAdd support for setting a TOTP seed
2014-05-12 Peter PalfraderFix schema that still references voipPassword instead...
2014-05-12 Peter Palfrader.43 was already taken
2014-05-12 Peter PalfraderAdd rebootPolicy attribute to host
2014-01-16 Luca FilipozzivoipPassword -> rtcPassword
2012-06-13 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://db.debian.org/git...
2012-06-13 Martin Zobel-Helasadd voipPassword
2012-03-23 Martin Zobel-Helaschange mailPreserveSuffixSeparator to a string
2012-03-23 Martin Zobel-Helaschange mailPreserveSuffixSeparator to a string
2012-03-23 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://db.debian.org/git...
2012-03-23 Martin Zobel-Helasadd mailPreserveSuffixSeparator to LDAP schema
2012-03-10 Peter PalfraderdebianGroups may have cn attribute
2012-03-10 Peter PalfraderMerge from torproject.org:
2012-02-19 Martin Zobel-Helasadd webPassword
2009-11-15 Stephen Grandefault anti-spam options
2009-11-15 Stephen Granand update ldap schema and acls appropriately. *cough*
2009-11-15 Stephen GranInitial support for BATV token storage.
2009-10-18 Peter PalfraderAdd dnsTTL host attribute to override the zone default... userdir-ldap-0.3.73
2009-09-22 Peter PalfraderAdd sshdistAuthKeysHost
2009-09-22 Peter PalfraderIf we use accountstatus in debianGroup we need to re...
2009-09-20 Stephen Granallow groups to be disabled but kept in ldap: addresses...
2009-08-09 Stephen Granand the schema update
2009-08-09 Stephen Granadd IP address as one of the allowed host attributes
2009-07-23 Peter Palfraderschema: allowedGroups, exportOptions attribute for...
2009-07-15 Stephen GranMake contentinspection single value
2009-07-14 Peter PalfraderAdd mailContentInspectionAction attribute. Possible...
2009-07-14 Peter PalfraderChange the comment about tracking changes in the debian...
2009-07-14 Peter PalfraderRemove mailSpamOptOut ldap attribute - it isn't used...
2009-01-03 Peter PalfraderRole accounts may have dnsZoneEntry attributes
2008-12-14 Martin Zobel-Helaswell, debianDevelopers also want to opt-out.... ;-)
2008-12-13 Martin Zobel-Helasopt out spam filtering
2008-11-23 Peter Palfradersubgroup support, courtesy of luk
2008-09-13 Peter PalfraderDo not limit sudoPassword entries in size - the hostlis...
2008-09-13 Peter PalfraderAdd sudoPassword to schema
2008-05-18 Peter PalfraderMerge from zobel: Fix userdir-ldap.schema (objectClass... userdir-ldap-0.3.26
2008-05-18 Joerg JaspertMerge from Debian
2008-05-18 Martin Zobel-Helas* fix userdir-ldap.schema, now contains MAY: VoIP
2008-05-14 Peter PalfraderAdd VoIP fiels to the LDAP shema and teach ud-info...
2008-05-14 Joerg JaspertMerge sshkeys check with the alioth userdir-ldap-common
2008-05-12 Joerg JaspertFirst version of a check for ssh keys
2008-05-10 Martin Zobel-Helasadd VoIP
2007-12-25 Peter PalfraderAdd 'purpose', 'physicalHost' to debianServer
2007-12-25 Marc 'HE' BrockschmidtReally apply HE's changes.
2007-12-25 Marc 'HE' BrockschmidtLDAP schema changes and fitting changes to ud-host:
2007-12-25 Peter PalfraderAdd userdir-ldap.schema to version control and the...