ud-mailgate: remove exception for m√ľnchen.debian.net
[mirror/userdir-ldap.git] / ud-groupadd
2010-01-31 Peter PalfraderA set of copyright headers
2008-05-23 Peter PalfraderDo SSL when connecting to the ldap server. userdir-ldap-0.3.32
2008-01-10 Peter PalfraderMerge from alioth
2008-01-10 Peter PalfraderMerge from alioth
2007-12-28 Joerg JaspertMerged from debian branch
2007-12-27 Marc 'HE' BrockschmidtSync with -common tree again
2007-12-26 Marc 'HE' BrockschmidtMerge passwordless export fix
2007-12-26 Mark Hymers* Remove use of deprecated functions from the string...
2007-12-26 Mark Hymers* ud-userimport, ud-groupadd, ud-roleadd, ud-useradd...
2004-11-21 joeyUse the common routine from userdir_ldap.py which asks...
2004-11-20 joeyAdded proper copyright notice according to the CVS log
2004-10-27 joeyImport from samosa: The LDAP server in woody doesn...
2004-10-27 joeyImport from samosa: support for debianGroup and ldap-AND
2004-10-27 joeyImport from samosa: Provide a space for proper questioning
2004-10-27 joeyImport from samosa: case sensitive LDAP attributes
2004-10-27 joeyImport from samosa: removed trailing whitespaces
2000-10-29 jggGroup add