2019-10-21 Julien Cristautips: add puppet pre-commit hook setup instructions master
2019-09-28 Peter Palfraderremove things no longer relevant
2019-09-28 Peter Palfraderremove things no longer relevant
2019-09-12 Aurelien Jarnomove-a-vm: also open the firewall in IPv6
2019-09-10 Julien Cristaumove-a-vm: markdown syntax fix
2019-09-10 Julien Cristauadd move-a-vm howto to index
2019-09-07 Julien Cristaumove-a-vm: reverse DNS need updating
2019-09-07 Peter Palfraderdocument how to move a VM: zero volumes, update lun map
2019-09-07 Peter Palfraderdocument how to move a VM: also update dsa-passwords
2019-09-07 Peter Palfraderdocument how to move a VM
2019-09-07 Peter PalfraderDo not overwrite UPDATE env
2019-09-01 Aurelien JarnoAdd some tips about LV caching
2019-05-14 Peter Palfraderdo another samhain stop
2019-04-08 Aurelien JarnoSimplify upgrade procedure now that buster-backports...
2019-04-05 Aurelien JarnoRemove backports again when puppet resets our sources...
2019-04-05 Aurelien JarnoFix line wrapping
2019-04-02 Aurelien JarnoDo not install the linux-image-amd64 meta-package
2019-04-02 Aurelien JarnoRe-enable module loading support before an upgrade...
2019-04-02 Aurelien JarnoDisable backports before upgrading to buster
2019-04-01 Aurelien JarnoAdd upgrade-to-buster to index
2019-03-31 Aurelien Jarnoupgrade-to-buster
2019-03-23 Aurelien JarnoRevert "Fix multipath removal script"
2019-03-23 Aurelien JarnoFix multipath removal script
2019-02-18 Julien Cristaudecomission: clean puppet harder
2019-02-03 Aurelien JarnoGaneti: add details about how to setup Ganeti on POWER
2019-02-03 Aurelien JarnoFix a typo in the previous commit
2019-02-03 Aurelien JarnoGaneti: describe how to change the CPU type on POWER
2019-01-29 Julien Cristaufirewall: add osuosl ranges
2018-11-30 Peter Palfradermention experimental
2018-10-09 Julien Cristauhardware-wishlist: add notes from sprint for bm
2018-10-09 Julien CristauRepurpose hardware wishlist
2018-08-28 Tollef Fog... Wordsmithing
2018-08-28 Tollef Fog... Improve hardware requirements for ports according to...
2018-08-04 Tollef Fog... Markup
2018-08-04 Tollef Fog... Add initial hardware requirements for porter boxes
2018-05-30 Julien CristauUpdate URL to wiki repo mirror
2018-05-30 Julien CristauDocument locking account as inactive/MIA
2018-03-27 Julien CristauAdd a section about WAL-MISSING-AFTER warnings
2018-02-19 Aurelien JarnoUpdate the rabbitmq port
2018-02-12 Peter Palfraderdocument MISSING-BASE
2018-02-09 Paul WiseTell new DSA members about our tips page
2018-02-08 Martin Zobel... Merge branch 'master' of git2.debian.org:dsa/dsa-wiki
2018-02-08 Martin Zobel... add documentation what to do if we have a new DSA member
2018-02-05 Peter Palfraderpg backup update
2018-02-05 Peter Palfraderdo an extra apt-get update
2018-02-05 Peter PalfraderDocument how to fix BASE-IS-OLD
2018-02-02 Tollef Fog... Per user views are working, so remove from poneys
2018-02-02 Aurelien Jarnofix a typo
2018-02-02 Aurelien JarnoVCS repositories have been moved to Salsa
2018-02-02 Tollef Fog... Remove some done items
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... do weasels way to do mass re-runs of backups
2018-02-02 Julien CristauAdd instructions to reschedule a backup
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... do proper formating
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... add bacula hints
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... add bacula hints
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... ask for which device to remove
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... flush devices right
2018-02-02 Aurelien JarnoFix typos
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... blockdev flushbufs
2018-02-02 Aurelien JarnoFix a few typos
2018-02-02 Martin Zobel... script remove of devices a bit more
2018-02-01 Martin Zobel... add documentation for removing a device from linux...
2017-12-20 Julien CristauMove source.d.o idea from hardware-wishlist to historical
2017-12-06 Julien CristauExpand on "remove from ldap" item in decommission doc
2017-11-26 Aurelien Jarnoganeti: add a section about disk cache configuration
2017-11-04 Julien CristauExtend firewalling doc to talk about restricted ssh...
2017-09-22 Peter Palfraderminor updates to upgrade proc
2017-09-21 Peter Palfradermove some install steps into puppet
2017-08-11 Aurelien Jarnoganeti: optimized DRBD parameters
2017-08-09 Luca FilipozziMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ubergit.debian.org/dsa...
2017-08-09 Luca Filipozziadd some kernel stuff for amd64
2017-08-09 Luca Filipozziadd some kernel stuff for amd64
2017-08-05 Héctor Orón... decomission: add step to update password file
2017-07-20 Julien Cristauhp-health on stretch needs nopat
2017-07-17 Peter PalfraderUse -t with puppet agent again instead of onetime ...
2017-07-17 Peter PalfraderAnd call the molly-guard reboot but do not give it...
2017-07-17 Peter PalfraderAlso purge libaugeas-ruby sysvinit
2017-07-17 Peter Palfraderupdate to the upgrade instructions: insist we move...
2017-06-19 Aurelien Jarnoupgrade-to-stretch: add a missing &&
2017-06-19 Aurelien Jarnoupgrade-to-stretch: fix a missing s/jessie/stretch/
2017-05-29 Julien Cristaupostgres-backup: add git config to look for CA certs
2017-05-29 Julien Cristaudecommission: puppet doesn't have a mysql db anymore
2017-05-11 Paul WiseCorrect path to local.yaml within the puppet repository
2017-04-06 Aurelien JarnoMention that the NIC name changes on ppc64el
2017-04-05 Aurelien JarnoLink upgrade-to-stretch page
2017-04-05 Aurelien JarnoFix upgrade commands formating
2017-03-30 Julien CristauAdd some doc for DNSSEC key rollover
2017-03-26 Peter Palfraderstart upgrade-to-stretch list
2017-02-02 Arturo Borrero... input/doc: schroot.mdwn: include some bits about backports
2016-09-21 Julien Cristauupdate ubc address ranges
2016-08-23 Julien CristauAdd Debian Secure Boot CA
2016-08-01 Peter Palfraderfix
2016-08-01 Peter Palfraderreference the blog post
2016-07-31 Jonathan WiltshireUpdate DM guest account process
2016-07-29 Peter PalfraderAdd Onion_Services
2016-07-22 Paul WiseReword the schroot session ID listing commands for...
2016-07-21 Peter PalfraderMore classic example package name
2016-07-21 Peter PalfraderDo not imply the package is broken
2016-07-21 Peter Palfraderchange order of session list commands
2016-07-21 Peter Palfraderget rid of comment