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ownerAdam D. Barratt
last changeFri, 18 Oct 2019 20:59:06 +0000 (21:59 +0100)
2019-10-18 Adam D. BarrattNote that exim contains tracker-specific configuration master
2019-10-18 Adam D. BarrattIndicate that ticharich needs trackermaster exim config
2019-10-18 Adam D. Barrattexim: use a different local part suffix for tracker...
2019-10-18 Adam D. Barrattexim: allow a host to indicate that it is the master...
2019-10-17 Adam D. Barratteximconf: add logging for Subject headers
2019-10-16 Julien Cristauftp-master as historical_master (part of RT#7644)
2019-10-15 Julien CristauMerge branch 'fordsa' of
2019-10-15 Peter Palfraderyamlinfo: use different dir to list all nodes
2019-10-15 Peter PalfraderCatch empty *info when we get it from the functions...
2019-10-15 Peter PalfraderCatch empty data arrays at start of entropy_provider...
2019-10-14 Adam D. Barratteximconf: include RBL response value in reject messages
2019-10-14 Adam D. Barratteximconf: reject bounces to "neversender" addresses
2019-10-14 Adam D. Barrattfail2ban: (strictly) ban hosts that are well over the...
2019-10-14 Adam D. Barratteximconf: more RBLs for the default set
2019-10-14 Adam D. enable DBL checks
2019-10-14 Adam D. Barratteximconf: add more RBL config to the default options...
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